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Protective gear in archery focuses primarily on protecting the user from the bow. The arm guard protects the lower arm from the bowstring. Finger tabs protect the finger from the pressure of drawing back on the bowstring. If the archer uses the thumb to draw back the string, thumb rings are readily available. Bowhunting requires the equipment that archers use in addition to additional ones. Brilliant orange clothing may be required by law depending on the state. A safety belt is crucial when shooting arrows from high in a tree. Archers who make use of the proper protective equipment can prevent injuries that can in some cases have a resilient result on their ability to continue archery or bowhunting. Safety equipment not only enhances safety, but it can likewise help the archer enhance objective and arrow direction. Do not utilize a bow with too much draw weight. It can trigger the archer to turn and bend the body as while attempting to pull the drawstring back. This can cause injury and frustration. Choosing a bow's draw weight according to the archer's weight enables the proper acquiesce be chosen, decreasing the possibility of injury.